Environment..Garbage in Paradise:

 Inside the MaldivesTrash-Only Island.Thilafushi, the Maldives’ garbage dump, has been called a ‘toxic bomb in the ocean.’

 By Jon BowermasterMay 28, 2012

 A worker looks for metal scraps in the smoldering trash of Thilafushi, the Maldives Islands’ garbage-only island. (Photo: Hani Amir/Flickr)..Out of sight, out of mind is generally the rule of thumb around the globe when it comes to the garbage we create every day. No matter how religious we might be about recycling, invariably each one of us is still responsible for filling a garbage bag or two each week, which then gets sets out on the curb, and—poof!—magically disappears.

Thilafushi is repository to all of the trash from the 100 islands that host tourist accommodations. In supersized nations like the United States, Canada, Russia, or Germany, landfills are usually hidden from view (out of sight, out of…

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