Listen: Bone Chilling Narration By Harrison Ford Speaking As The Ocean


Posted on Facebook by ‘Collective Evolution‘, ” Harrison Ford is the Ocean

I can’t think of any reason why all people shouldn’t watch and think about this. It could have relevance to other environmental substances and even creatures but the ocean is the greatest contributor to man’s survival and serves as a great example.

I was thinking about trees, bees, birds, fish, plants, clean atmosphere, inland water storages and waterways, all essential to our existence and future.  Sources of sustenance, shelter, personal protection, nutrition and health foods.

An aside, hemp stands out as an important survival product of nature, offering a great range of supporting end products, permitting possible continuation of our species if, in fact we were not otherwise reliant on petroleum and other fossil fuel products.

Minerals provide a wide variety of other human support items, have become essentials in our life styles, but their…

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