Why Florida officials are warning of deadly bacteria (that isn’t flesh-eating)

Global News

It’s a rare bacteria thriving in Florida’s warm sea waters, sparking a string of illnesses and even two deaths in the sunny southern state. Health officials are warning beachgoers about Vibrio vulnificus, but they’re also trying to dispel rumours that the nasty bacteria is “flesh-eating.”

The bacteria has infected eight people and killed two more this year in Florida, according to U.S. reports. It’s found in warm marine waters – if people swim with open wounds, or eat contaminated seafood, they could come in contact with the germs.

“People get vibrio by swimming, wading and playing in salt or brackish waters with open wounds or scratches or by eating undercooked or raw shellfish, particularly oysters. Vibrio is rare but can be a serious disease,” Dr. Carina Blackmore, Florida’s Deputy State Epidemiologist, said in a video put together by the health department.

“The best way of protecting yourself from infections from…

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