Fukushima: Killing The World, Hundreds of Dolphins And Millions of Sardines At The Time

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Update: Here is the next brilliant idea: Let’s evaporate the water used to cool the meltdowns! Did I mention that one of the reactors ran on Mox fuel. That is Uranium mixed with Plutonium. Here is how much you would need to kill off the entire planet. Imagine that evaporated into our atmosphere.

Not that you would read about it in the MSM but here are some of the “strange” things occurring around and in the Pacific.

  • Hundreds of dead dolphins are found on Japanese beaches. The lungs of the dolphins are all in a state associated with radiation sickness.
  • All the crayfish and sardines vanished seemingly overnight leaving sea mammals no choice but to  beach themselves while starving.
  • Fukushima associated caesium 134 levels have been found of the California coast but they are just “traces” and not high enough to harm humans it is claimed.
  • On the 16th of…

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