Stop shipping endangered whale meat through Canada: NDP MP

Global News

VANCOUVER – A local federal politician says endangered fin whale meat is being illegally shipped through Canada.

Vancouver Kingsway NDP MP Don Davies says the meat is from Iceland. It lands in Halifax, is shipped to Vancouver and then sent on to Japan. On Monday, Davies and Sheryl Fink, director of wildlife campaigns for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), released documentation showing 42,038 kilograms of whale meat was shipped through Canada last year.

“Growing trade is important to the Canadian economy,” said Davies. “But Canadians do not support trading in endangered species that threatens the biodiversity of our planet. It is illegal and needs to stop.”

“We’re calling on the government to take their international obligations seriously, to quit breaking the law, to protect endangered species and honour not only our international commitments, but also our domestic legislation that governs this area from coast to coast.”

In February 2014…

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