Whale Wars: Why Japan can’t stop whaling

eats shoots 'n leaves

A fascinating 2006 Australian documentary report on the politics of whaling, and in particular the bruising bribes and thuggery used by Japan in their desperate measures to continue the barbaric slaughter of some of the most intelligent and magnificent creatures on the planet.

We noted with particular interest that the arguments employed by Japan to counter growing international opposition to the slaughter are virtually identical to those employed by Antebellum Southerners to growing opposition to slavery.

From ABC Australia via Journeyman Pictures:

Why Japan Can’t Stop Whaling

Program notes:

Japan has long been accused of vote-buying and bribery at the International Whaling Commission. Already, through exploiting the loophole of ‘scientific research’, it has dramatically increased the number and species of whales it kills. Now, it wants to overturn the decades long ban on commercial whaling. Our offering this week uncovers just how it intends to do so. Made for…

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