Boaters Warned To Steer Clear Of Humpback Whales Feeding On Monterey Bay

CBS San Francisco

MONTEREY (CBS SF) — Boaters on Monterey Bay are being advised to keep their distance from humpback whales and other marine wildlife feeding on shore, according to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

In the past week, sanctuary staff has received reports of vessels including paddleboards and kayaks moving too close to wildlife, MBNMS Deputy Superintendent Dawn Hayes said.

Whales and seabirds are trailing behind their prey swimming to shore and people who are too close to the creatures are putting themselves at risk, Hayes said.

An adult humpback whale can weigh about 150,000 pounds and may travel in groups three or more.

Being struck by a whale is comparable to getting hit by a freight train, according to Hayes. Sanctuary officials advise boaters to stay at least 100 yards away from feeding or traveling whales.

Boat hulls are made of materials such as fiberglass, wood and metal that would…

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