Your best ocean photos | Earth | EarthSky

Your best ocean photos | Earth | EarthSky.

EarthSky // Earth, Science WireRelease Date: Jun 08, 2014

Your best ocean photos

Thank you all for these beautiful images, in celebration of World Ocean Day 2014!

Glenn Miles Photography took this photo from the north coast of Northern Ireland.  Thank you, Glenn.From Anaacortes, Washington by Kayla Rozell.From Bimini in the Bahamas by Gee Jarrett.From Leo Carrillo State Beach, California, by Kristal Alaimo Moritz.Island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean by Iise Somodiwongso.From Hull, Massachusetts by Anthony Pasuco.From the Great Ocean Road in Australia by Malck Coolen Photography.From Bournemouth, England by Sabrina Tottingham.From Palm Beach, Florida, by Claribel Cruz.Morro Bay, California, by Daniel George.Moraira, Spain by Marc Luscombe.By Malck Coolen Photography.Maine coast at sunrise by John Gravell.From Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, by Vladimir Zlvkovic.From Tregantle Beach in Cornwall, U.K., by Martin Sims.Sunset in Truro, Massachusetts, looking toward Provincetown, by John Gravell.Sunrise, with Venus, a 2-shot panorama taken in El Salvador by By Sabrina Tottingham.

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