ORCAS and Seaworld

Click Me!Here’s A Scary Clip Illustrating How Amazingly Smart Orcas Are And How Utterly Ruthless SeaWorld Was(????? – IS)http://www.upworthy.com/heres-a-scary-clip-illustrating-how-amazingly-smart-orcas-are-and-how-utterly-ruthless-seaworld-was?c=ufb1

FACT CHECK TIME! Here’s what our fact checkers found:

  • Yep, nets, explosives, and aircraft have indeed been used to capture whales for SeaWorld.
  • Sadly, several whales died during the 1970 capture shown in the clip above.
  • Washington state waters were not closed to whale captures until 1976.
  • SeaWorld’s preemptive letter sent out to “Blackfish” movie critics doesn’t dispute that this particular clip is legit.

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