Whale meat at the Tsukiji fish market
Whale meat at the Tsukiji fish market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whale blood on Germany’s hands

Posted: 5 July 2013
  It’s outrageous!
A shipment of endangered fin whale meat from Iceland arrived in Hamburg this week.
The bloody cargo is usually shipped to Japan via the Netherlands — but the Dutch have committed to stopping these shipments after our 1.1 million strong petition.
The whalers are trying to use a different route now, but we can stop them again!
Over 33 endangered fin whales have been slaughtered already and the hunt is set to continue all summer — with a permit to harpoon up to 184 of these magnificent creatures. The best way to stop the whalers is to prevent them from profiting. If we bombard the German authorities with messages and calls right now we can make sure they don’t turn a blind eye to the dead fin whales on their doorstep. German elections are coming up and whale blood on government hands isn’t a good look!
Greenpeace activists stopped the whale meat from leaving Hamburg on a ship bound for Japan and the meat will now be sent back to Iceland. But we need to make sure that all fin whale meat is legally banned from German ports so that this doesn’t happen again.
Send a message to German Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier and the mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz using the box on the right:
please, go to the o-link, it´s better to handle: Thank You!

          Stop the whale meat in Hamburg, now!

  • I urge you to immediately stop the transfer of fin whale meat through German ports and to help end the global trade in whales.
  • By stopping the cargo from passing through the port in Hamburg, you can save the lives of many endangered fin whales and help end this senseless hunt and trade
  • Voluntary guidelines for the port of Hamburg to follow is not enough. We need an obligatory legal regulation to ensure the protection of these endangered whales. This law could take the form of the US Endangered Species Act, which prohibits the import, the export and the transit of endangered species listed through US-ports.
  • The government’s reputation is at stake over this scandal. Whale blood will be on your hands if you do not take swift Action
  • http://www.avaaz.org/en/germany_whale_meat_shipment/?rc=fb&pv=17


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