Whales & Dolphins, playing in Freedom!

Click Me!Acrobatic killer whales and dolphins – You can tell when you see HAPPY whales. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdosP1jR8DU                                 

    Acrobatic killer whales and dolphins   
                Soren Bech           

    We had a great whale watching trip through Aboriginal Journeys of Campbell River, BC, Canada


on Aug. 15, 2013.  Garry Henkel really knows what he’s doing in getting you ahead of the killer whales, and positioning the boat so you get the best possible view as they come towards you. After spending several hours with the Orcas, he took the group on a trip to see a pod of about 100 Pacific White Sided dolphins — we travelled about 100 km over a six hour journey.

Our trip was a prize donated by Garry to the Wild Ocean Whales Society (WOWs) as a fund-raiser. Our enthusiastic thanks to him and to Susan MacKay of WOWs, who operates a wonderful volunteer website tracking whales and dolphins on the BC coast.

You’ll find it at


If you’re interested in wild whales and dolphins, we urge you to support both Garry and Susan. Joan and Soren Bech Roberts Creek, BC, Canada   

Thank You, Luree, for this wonderful Video



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