Big oil and dead dolphins, continued

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is called Shocking video as hundreds of dead dolphins wash ashore in Peru.

As mentioned in this blog before, in March 2012 there was a catastrophe for dolphins in Peru, linked to seismic blasts for oil exploration.

The main source for that blog post was an article in the Daily Express.

As I wrote then, the Daily Express is a conservative, pro-capitalist daily in England (so, any conservative comments about it supposedly all being lies by liberal leftie econuts blah blah blah would be off the mark).

However, perhaps from being conservative and pro-capitalist, the Daily Express did not mention which oil corporation or corporations might be involved in this disaster.

Another British conservative and pro-capitalist paper, the Daily Mail, also mentioned the dolphin mass deaths.

The Daily Mail article had some additional information:

The dead dolphins include babies and mothers who until recently were…

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