One Step Closer to Being Healthy: Please, Read & Sign…

Please Take Action By Doing The Following And The Oceans Will Be One Step Closer To Being Healthy….

Please if you haven’t already sign and share these important petitions. All of these horrifying things need to be addressed.

Please sign the petition today!Save the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center

take action
Save The Bluefin Tuna From Certain Extinction –

Stop The Taiji Dolphin Hunt –

Stop The Illegal Killing Of Whales For “Scientific Research” –

Tell the US Navy and the Big Oil Companies to Stop Operating Harmful Acoustic Devices Near Whales and Dolphins

End The Brutal Practice of Shark Finning –

Follow Us On Twitter Please like and share Ocean Protectors Official Facebook page to receive daily updates on all of educational campaigns. –

“The oceans need a voice and that voice is ours. Together united as one we can save the worlds oceans and ultimately the human race itself.”

Update #3 – 9/16/13

A pod of pilot whales has been netted off in the cove where they will remain until morning when most of the pod will likely be slaughtered for there meat. The whales will now spend the rest of the day and a whole night crammed into a small space while freaking out because they know that the end is near.

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